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Welcome to Salish Sea Basenjis!

Salish Sea Basenjis at Scattterwood Farm are pets first; lounging around the house on the couches or chasing each other around the Chincoteague Pony paddocks. Salish Sea Basenjis enjoy lure coursing, rally obedience, agility, and the conformation ring. Integral to Salish Sea breeding program is the acquisition and incorporation of new native African imported Basenjis. It is Salish Sea's experience that Basenjis with the new African bloodlines have superb temperaments and health. Learn more about Salish Sea Basenjis by scrolling through the tabs and feel free to contact us to learn more about Basenjis! 

About Basenjis

The Basenji, or African Barkless Dog, is a natural breed associated with ancient man.

Salish Sea Basenjis

Salish Sea Basenjis enjoy lure coursing, rally, agility, the conformation ring, and of course resting on the couch.

Adopt a Basenji

Contact Salish Sea Basenjis to learn more about Basenjis or if you are interested in adoption.

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